Apple designers placed MagSafe to shame by transforming it right into a magnetic magnet stand in secs

Apple's Apple iPhone 12 deals magnetic cordless charging and no more provides a charger, requiring numerous to opt for the main MagSafe battery charger.

Nonetheless, there is a problem. Although this charger fixes the issue that typical magnetic absorption can not be charged while playing, it can just be billed horizontally, which is a little embarrassing. Smart Chinese individuals have away, simply a loads yuan MagSafe secs to alter the magnetic suction bracket.
The principle of this stand is extremely straightforward, however, what is rare is imagination. The structure of the MagSafe charger owner can be seen from the side of the item. An aluminum alloy curved l-shaped surface area with a plastic framework holds the MagSafe battery charger in position.

After utilizing the bracket, The MagSafe magnetizing wireless charger ends up being a vertical wireless battery charger. Compared with the original horizontal cordless battery charger, the vertical cordless battery charger has unique advantages, which is easier to operate WeChat and reply to messages by swiping brief video clips, while maintaining the charging state.