Explosion-proof integrated camera (Infrared)

Name: Explosion-proof integrated camera (Infrared) XUA-Ex620p


Explosion-proof integrated head camera, 304 stainless steel infrared 120 meters 360° horizontal continuous infinite rotation (optional), +90°~ -90° vertical rotation. Optical 30X integrated movement pixel 700TV, preset position, cruise, scan/low illumination/strong light suppression/automatic constant temperature/wiper control AC220V/AC24V




Application environment:

It is suitable for dangerous explosion gas environment. The explosion gas is class IIA,IIB and IIC and the environment group is in the temperature from T1-T6 in Area No.1,No.2,No.20,No.21 and No.22.Such as oil field, chemical plant, steamship, gas station, curative, gas storeroom and so on.
XUA-Ex610P series explosion-proof IR camera is generally used to monitor regional relatively fixed site such as channel, factory, warehouse, operation area and so on, achieve the monitoring scene objective, stable performance, reliable quality. The product is inspected by the national explosion-proof electrical product quality inspection and testing center and made explosion-proof certification

XUA-Ex610P series explosion-proof IR housing, is a practical housing with IR developed by our company.It is mainly convenient to customers fix the designated camera, for users easy to docking platform. The product is stable performance, reliable quality.

Product features:

· Use high brightness LED array, night vision distance, long operating life

· High brightness, infrared actual irradiation distance is 80 meters

· It can freely select lens according to the requirements of users

· Variety of convenient power supply mode options

· Consistent with the water-proof design of IP66 grade, high reliability, suitable for indoor and outdoor installation

· Windows glass surfaces by nano-technology processing, non-stick water, non-stick oil, dust-proof.

· Crown class fluorophosphate explosion-proof glass, flux rate higher than 92%,completely eliminate infrared light halos.

· High hardness of 304 stainless steel shell, beautiful appearance, corrosion resistant, durable in use

· Housing and the infrared lamp adopts the split design, increasing the installation space, suitable for users to install all kinds of cameras