Multi-functional Alarm Clock
Small size, big power
Support 15W high power wireless quick charge
Looking for the cable when your phone died before you fell asleep?
Just use it, leave it at your fingertips and charge it immediately
I wake up and I'm charged
No longer do you have to worry about densely cluttered data lines on your nightstand or bay window!
Six in one, one in one
Charging is stable without damaging the phone
Alarm clock type wireless charging is mainly white
The whole charging base looks clean and beautiful
It is also a very good decoration on the bed.
Wireless, more freedom
Built-in 15W fast charging chip, easy to put, immediately charging
Workers don't want to be tied down by data cables
Might as well try small alarm clock night light wireless charge
Alarm clock, wireless charging in one
It can also be used as an alarm clock and a power bank
Supports a maximum of 15W high-power wireless quick charge
It also supports iPhone 12, iOS and Android
Soft atmosphere lamp, with you warm sleep
Two time system adjustable, accurate display time for you
Warm white LED light, built-in night light delay off function
The night light automatically turns off when the delay time expires
To accompany you to sleep in a warm atmosphere
Intelligent adaptation, stronger compatibility
High-definition LED display, time vividly
The side is equipped with usB-A input port
In the non-wireless charging state
Support 5V/1A output 5V mobile terminal charging
High-definition LED display creates a full view, large digital display time
Three sets of alarm Settings
Work and life are in order
Built-in 3 sets of alarm clock, can be set according to their own preferences
Keep your mornings organized
Sense room temperature
Take care of your health throughout the seasons
Optional switching of degrees Celsius/Fahrenheit, controllable range -10℃ to +50℃
Compact, light and convenient to carry

Wireless charging refreshes the experience
Turn off the wireless charger, put it in a bag and take it wherever you want to go
Fellow workers
Do you like this wireless charger for alarm clock?
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