Portable dishware disinfectant! A click, 60 seconds UV irradiation, dining out more secure!

All walks of life, continue to resume work, dining out, inevitable. All kinds of public tableware, may be the "disaster area" of bacteria and viruses, and simple hot water ironing, do not have disinfect effect at all.

At this time, what you need is this portable, convenient and compact, built-in stainless steel chopsticks spoon disinfection box - portable tableware sterilizer.

Sealed interior with ultraviolet + ozone double sterilization, only 3 minutes sterilization rate up to 99.99%, small size, no need to plug, installation, easy to carry, storage, can be all kinds of items need to be disinfected for disinfection, after the completion of disinfection, automatic power off.

Ultraviolet sterilization, using 253.7 band rays directly destroy bacteria, viruses and other microbes in the DNA and RNA structure, fundamentally kill bacteria, prevent disease.

At the same time, equipped with ozone sterilization function, built-in quartz glass material imported UVD ultraviolet disinfection lamp, through the oxygen in the air under the ultraviolet 185 specific band irradiation, decomposition into ozone destruction and decomposition of bacteria cell wall, 360 degrees without dead Angle to kill bacteria, but also can remove odor.


The operation process is very simple, just press the switch can be directly disinfected.

There is no need to plug in, the built-in 300 MA lithium battery can be fully charged in 1 hour, after full charge can be sterilized 30 times, lasting about 5 days, easily solve the use of three meals a day.


Gingivitis is also designed to be very user-friendly. Freshly washed tableware is usually wet, which can easily breed bacteria in a confined space. Gingivitis has multiple holes at the bottom to effectively filter out excess water and reduce bacterial growth.

At the same time, the bottom of the pull-out design, easy to clean.

Flexible size adjustment, suitable for a variety of sizes of tableware, convenient to put commonly used different tableware, disinfection.

Gingivitis can not only disinfect tableware, but also commonly used toothbrushes, keys, razors and other items that can be included in the disinfection box.

With 304 food grade stainless steel spoon, chopsticks, also has good heat resistance, corrosion resistance, use, unlike wooden spoon, chopsticks so easy to mold, hoarding bacteria.

Convenient to carry, eat out or take-out, no longer need to use disposable chopsticks, environmental protection and health.

Portable tableware disinfect or can effectively prevent diseases from entering the mouth and ensure healthy meals at any time and anywhere. It is simply a necessary artifact for working meals and dining out.