To be honest, there are thousands of mobile phone stands, but none of them are reliable. Fortunately, there is one!

More than 85 percent of drivers use their phones to navigate

Drive with one hand and navigate with the other

It's too dangerous!

But with the exception of a few cars,

Most cars don't have the original phone holder

There are a variety of phone stands on the market:

Of a suction cup, magnet, stuck to, clamped in an outlet

Manual, automatic, electric.......

In fact, the most common requirement for a mobile phone stand while driving is,

Easy to install, stable enough, easy to watch,

Do not block the view, do not damage the car,;

Preferably beautiful, lightweight, and......

Recently found a really fried chicken fried chicken easy to use mobile phone stand, no exaggeration, can absolutely meet the above requirements

Without further ado, I will simply sum up a few recommended reasons for you:

Compared to the size, weight and complexity of other mobile phone stands,

I prefer it to be small, smart, and very "homespun."


It is worth mentioning that,

The deform able intelligent design of the bracket,

It can automatically expand and deform according to the size and weight of the phone

The phone clamps when you put it down,

It's easy to take with one hand.

In addition, in the process of putting and taking

There is no need to worry about the bad placement of the charging data line

The bottom of the phone stand

Socket space is reserved for data lines,

Charging is also very convenient


Pick up the phone, navigate with one finger

Completely will not affect the driving, distraction, for safety to do the guarantee.

It shrinks automatically when it's not in use,

After receiving, the size is only a quarter of the market model

It won't get in the way, block the view,

Second, it can also be a delicate decoration in the car,

The technological and industrial design of the stand fits well with the car,

What's more, this innovative design is powerful

It avoids all kinds of disadvantages brought by the traditional mobile phone bracket


In addition to being elegant and convenient,

The biggest concern for motorists must still be

How about the fixed effect? Does it fall off easily?

Will it hurt my new cell phone?

Traditional mobile phone stands are usually fixed at 3 o 'clock

This bracket uses an upgraded 5 point fixed design

Dramatically increased the rate of cell phone hug,

Increased the degree of fixation of mobile phones

After all, five hands are better than three, right?

Even the big screen is safe


The rear four PAWS are made of silicone soft material

Provides strong friction and stability

It will not hurt the phone at the same time

In addition, there is a shock absorber at the back

Squeezing the phone back and forth,

Add another layer of stability to the phone

Can maximize the mobile phone shaking movement.

With all the help of hacking,

Whether you're taking a bumpy speed bump or a muddy road.....

You don't have to worry about the unstable drop of your phone,

The phone is still solid.

I lose the fall, xenophobia pro test effective, video as proof

The other thing that surprised me was the sound of no difference.

The noise is really annoying,

You can't buy a phone stand to make an abnormal sound, can you?

This phone stand

Truly achieved 0 noise, 0 abnormal sound.


The phone holder can be mounted in two ways,

Owners can choose freely according to their preferences.

The first is air conditioning air outlet installation


There's a tuyere clip behind the bracket,

Clamp directly to the appropriate position of the air conditioning outlet


In particular,

This turret clip has been upgraded with an eagle beak design,

Clamp it to lock the air outlet without falling off.

Silicone pads are also designed for the turret clips,

You don't have to worry about hurting the vents

The support point uses a slider design,

360° non-dead Angle rotation can be achieved,

Owners can be adjusted according to visual needs


And can match the vast majority of air outlets on the market


The second is the table holder suction cup installation

If you don't like being caught in an air outlet

Or if the vents don't work,

You can also choose to mount it on the central console,

The effect is the same as the function. Installation is also simple and quick


Loosen the roller, tear the sucker and place it directly on the table

The suction cup also has two adjustment modes, more stable



Retractable and rota table to meet the different visual needs of owners

The stand also has an automatic expansion function,

Applicable to 99% of mobile phone sizes on the market

That is, whether your phone is as small as an iPhone6

As big as the iPhone 12 Pro Max

All fit perfectly on the bracket

The whole body of the bracket is made of metal wire drawing process,

Through 32 fine processes,

No fade, more durable

It adds texture while maintaining practicality