Ultra high appearance level desktop bracket is coming, delicate and compact and durable! Let the neck suffer no more!


In recent days, the epidemic has come back, and the offline training that has just resumed has been suspended. Many people have started online classes and work from home again.

Every day at home in front of the mobile phone computer class office, once again became everyone's normal life!

 But looking down at the mobile phone tablet for a long time, especially in the teenage development stage, easy to form cervical vertebra and myopia!

 Sitting studying, mobile phone on the desktop, neck bent into 90 degrees, the whole shoulder and neck stiff pain uncomfortable.


"According to the European Spine Association, a person's head weighs around 5kg and is tilted forward to look at electronic devices such as mobile phones at a 60° Angle. Due to levers and gravity, a person's neck muscles can bear more than 25kg of weight."


Really afraid which day mentality has not collapsed, cervical vertebra collapsed first......

Now to recommend you a good mobile phone stand


Made of high quality alloy and silica gel material, good quality and durable, mobile phone, tablet can be used. 

Milan table stand 

The base is thicker and heavier, stable and not shaking


Silicone protection, non-slip and non-scratch mobile phone

Do whatever you want, either vertically or horizontally

All kinds of operation, stable as a rock, safe control on the bracket

Watch videos without blocking subtitles, and the groove fits into the phone frame




Recommended reasons:

1, mobile phones, tablets are universal, where need to put where, free hands super convenient.

2, desktop bracket of transformers, height, Angle free adjustment, but also folding belt.

3, strengthen the telescopic base, the hand operation is stable as a rock.

4, intimate avoiding line design, charging while playing, watching the end of the movie.



Watching TV shows and videos?

Come and free your hands together!

 Whether it is at home, or in the office, school use, can meet your needs.

Students use it to watch videos in class.

Simple design, quietly elegant color

Not overwhelming, win in convenient use

Perfect integration into modern office and home environment

So simple and stylish desktop stand

Suitable for people of different ages

How can I have it all?

One for the children or the elderly at home

It's also excellent

Not only can protect eyesight, but also can relieve neck and shoulder oh ~