What does a good car phone stand look like?

Driving can not hold the phone, so the car mobile phone it appeared, some manufacturers grasp the speed of the market is simply.
In fact, the emergence of car mobile phone bracket is not only to solve this problem, but also more convenient to see navigation, convenient to view messages, mainly in order to let the driver better grasp the panorama, to ensure safe driving.

Car mobile phone holder
But the car mobile phone bracket model has been many to let a person dazzling at present, there are magnetic suction type, gravity clamp type and so on, but today these are not recommended, because I bought a more satisfactory car mobile phone bracket.
Originally is also holding the mentality of trying to buy, after all, buy a lot of types are not carried. But this time to buy the electric car mobile phone bracket, it is by the power of electric clamping mobile phone, can well maintain the position of the mobile phone, very reliable. But it is better to choose the one with the bottom bracket, so as not to accidentally drop down the chance.
Car mobile phone holder

It can realize wireless fast charging, 360° automatic intelligent locking, whether horizontal or vertical screen can be arbitrarily switched; 0.1 seconds infrared sensor mobile phone and automatically open, can more accurately detect the position of mobile phone, and then lock, no matter where it can be fixed; Buckle anti-skid silicone, do not block the screen does not hurt the machine more fit; It can be applied to more wireless quick charging models.
Finally, on the car mobile phone bracket in which the most appropriate problem, in fact, vary from person to person, according to their own habits to choose, after all, the focus is to choose a better car mobile phone bracket, and this can be very good control.